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We are priviledged to work with the best people and here’s a few of their "testimonials" -

"You’re a joy to do business with! Thanks!"

"Your service to my family is wonderful. It makes referral easy, too."

"Thanks so much for your call. You are a noble businesswoman. I have no idea what I/we all would do without you. I know of nobody else who duplicates your services."

"You have a great reputation among your peers."

"I’m having fun searching your web site. I wish we lived closer!"

"You guys are doing a great job of re-inventing the wheel when necessary. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you so much, Cindy! You are the blessing. Your shop is a labor that blesses so many others."

We do our best, and here’s some details on that....

"Making Healthy Affordable!" is our motto!

Rather than having the odd "sale" here or there, we prefer to just keep our prices as low as we can ALL THE TIME!

Not all of the discounted prices are reflected on the website, though, because I’ve simply not had enough time to correct it.

I try hard to keep this website up-to-date, but prices literally can change in a moment’s time.

So, at the time of your order, if the items you order are at a lower price, we will adjust your ticket to reflect the best price because each order is hand processed by me.

If our supplier’s prices go up, we reserve the right to adjust ours, as well, but will notify you with any changes prior to posting them on your bill. We also keep our shipping charges to a bare minimum - just enough to cover our cost - so it doesn’t have to be expensive to shop with us!


We have disconnected the shipping charge FUNCTION on this website because grain is heavy and we’ve found the priority mail flat rate boxes are sometimes the best deal.

Since the flat rate boxes do not go by "weight", and this site was computed to configure shipping by "weight", it was messing up the calculations on the site hence our decision to disconnect it.

So, when you order through this website, the shipping will be additional and will be included at the time the order is processed.

If you want an idea of what shipping is, go to www.usps.com and use 29036 as our zip to get an idea. We sometimes add insurance, or verification, and a $2.50 handling charge to cover packing supplies such as tape, and gas to take it to the post office.


We try to get all orders out quickly; however, we are a small family business which relies heavily on Mom, aka "me"! Your needs are truly important to us, but there are times the needs of our family take priority over a package going out. Thanks for understanding.


The "Murphy’s Law of Retail" says, "Sell out of any item, and it’ll become your best seller!"

Should you order the Murphy’s item of the week, we’ll give you the choice of having us ship your order in two parts, hold the whole order until the backordered item comes in, or cancel the item entirely.


I’m often asked, "Will you take Paypal?"

Yes! Contact us by phone or email to get details on how to proceed with it.


please know your contact information is never shared with other companies and is never sold. Again, it’s only me that handles adding new folks to "The Forum" e-newsletter or our "Grain Only" email group.


We have taken great care in choosing reputable vendors and products, and we pack everything we ship very carefully.

If a product is damaged in shipping, save everything and contact us immediately so we can contact our shipper to confirm and resolve it.

Regarding food and personal care items, our world has changed greatly in the past few years therefore we will not resell any food or personal care item that has left our premises.

Please choose wisely because all sales are final at time of purchase, with the only exception being damaged or defective product.

Should there be a problem, such as mold or bugs in grain, it must be called to our attention within 10 days of purchase for replacement or store credit.

Regarding grain, heat & humidity can bring out the bugs in it. We suggest you store grains in pails, inside homes and not in garages or outside storage buildings. Keep grains dry & cool. If a bag of grain gets wet or damp, there is a distinct possibility it will mold because these bags are just layers of kraft paper with no plastic lining. It is your responsibility to protect your investment once it is purchased.

Defective non-food items may be returned within the first 30 days from purchase for replacement or store credit only. After that, we will assist you in contacting the manufacturer to see what warranties and repairs they offer. Shipping is non-refundable and will be deducted from store credit, if applicable.

All other issues that might come up are handled on a ‘case-by-case’ basis with total discretion on our part and a 15% restocking fee when applicable. As a rule, we do not offer cash refunds. Store credit only.


The information presented on this website, in our literature, or through our conversations are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any medical conditions.
Please see your health care professional for that.

Product descriptions are taken from the manufacturers websites or product labels. Personal testimonies are from real customers, but we do not print their names out of respect to their privacy. Nothing they say is intended to be taken as medical advice, but rather it is simply one person’s good experience - for what it’s worth.

Should you decide to use any of our information or products, please do so at your own risk as we will not be held responsible or liable. Thank you for understanding.